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Sri Lanka, A new safari paradise for the traveller!

Perched on the shore at the edge of Yala, Sri Lanka’s oldest and second-largest national park, Chena Huts is unlike any hotel I’ve ever visited. Monkeys, residents long before the hotel arrived, greet your arrival with curiosity before bounding off into the trees; birds every colour of the spectrum dart through the muggy air; and wooden walkways, dotted with 14 camouflaged luxury huts, weave through compact thorny jungle before opening out onto a beach where sea turtles come to lay their eggs. It’s another world.    I’m visiting the lesser known south-east region of Sri Lanka, home to Yala National Park, numerous herds of Asia’s largest elephant, and two of the finest new hotels in south Asia. As transport links from...

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10 Stunning Indian Cities you need to visit!

Top 01. Jaipur Nicknamed the Pink City, pretty Jaipur is filled with terracotta walls painted pink, a colour associated with warm welcoming and generous hospitality. Top 02. Agra India is renowned for its vibrant colours, but what makes Agra famous is an immaculate shade of white – your trip to India will not be complete without a visit to the legendary Taj Mahal. Top 03. Pushkar When was the last time you saw tens of thousands of camels marching into a small Indian town where livestock were traded and entertainment enjoyed in the span of five days? If your answer is "never", make your way to Pushkar in late October this year to see its famous camel fair. Ajimer, only 15km...

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10 Tips to Mindful Travel - Club Wanderlust

Top01. Embrace the unexpected. Rarely does everything go according to plan when you're on the road. You can either let that ruin your mood for the entire trip, or start thinking about how to make the best out of the situation.   Top02. Forget the itinerary. Travelling to a foreign country without a plan could be a little disconcerting but there is no need to plan every day of your trip down to the minute.   Top03. Keep a routine This might be against your instincts. After all, who doesn't want to sleep in when they're on holiday? But if it's your habit to go out for a run every morning, keeping at it not only helps you get back...

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